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Date City Venue Country Tickets
22/Mar/18 Angra in Ittre ZikZak Belgium Buy tickets
23/Mar/18 Angra in Leeuwarden Neeushoorn Netherlands
24/Mar/18 Angra in Paris Le Forum France Buy tickets
25/Mar/18 Angra in Lyon Ninkasi Gerland France Buy tickets
27/Mar/18 Angra in Barcelona Razzmatazz 2 Spain Buy tickets
28/Mar/18 Angra in Valencia Rockcity Spain Buy tickets
29/Mar/18 Angra in Porto Hardclub Portugal
30/Mar/18 Angra in Lisbon RCA Club Portugal
31/Mar/18 Angra in Madrid Arena Spain Buy tickets
01/Abr/18 Angra in Montpellier Secret Place France Buy tickets
03/Abr/18 Angra in Milano Live Club Italy
04/Abr/18 Angra in Roma Orion Italy
05/Abr/18 Angra in Bologna Zona Roveri Italy
06/Abr/18 Angra in Vienna Szene Austria Buy tickets
07/Abr/18 Angra in Bratislava Babylon Club Slovakia
08/Abr/18 Angra in Kosice Colloseum Club Slovakia
10/Abr/18 Angra in Budapest Barba Negra Hungary
11/Abr/18 Angra in Warsaw Progresja Poland
12/Abr/18 Angra in Berlin Lido Germany Buy tickets
13/Abr/18 Angra in Munchen Backstage Germany Buy tickets
14/Abr/18 Angra in Pratteln Z7 Switzerland
15/Abr/18 Angra in Rotterdam Baroeg Netherlands
17/Abr/18 Angra in London Underworld United Kingdom Buy tickets
18/Abr/18 Angra in Charmes Rock N´Roll Stage France
19/Abr/18 Angra in Essen Turock Germany Buy tickets
20/Abr/18 Angra in Moskow Gorod Club Russian Federation
21/Abr/18 Angra in St. Petersburg Opera House Russian Federation
12/Mai/18 Angra in Recife Clube Internacional Brasil
17/Mai/18 Angra in Goiânia Bolshoi Pub Brasil
18/Mai/18 Angra in Brasilia Toinha Brasil Show Brasil Buy tickets
19/Mai/18 Angra in São Paulo/SP Espaço Victory – Penha Brasil
26/Mai/18 Angra in Novo Hamburgo NH Hall Brasil Buy tickets
27/Mai/18 Angra in Florianópolis John Bull Pub Brasil Buy tickets
31/Mai/18 Angra in Rio de Janeiro Circo Voador Brasil Buy tickets
01/Jun/18 Angra in Vila Velha Correria Music Bar Brasil Buy tickets
02/Jun/18 Angra in Varginha Roça n Roll Brasil
03/Jun/18 Angra in Belo Horizonte Music Hall Brasil Buy tickets
08/Jun/18 Angra in Buenos Aires Teatro Flores Argentina Buy tickets
09/Jun/18 Angra in Santiago Blondie Chile
10/Jun/18 Angra in Lima Mangos Discoteque Peru
28/Jul/18 Angra in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo Rock Rio Pardo Brasil
05/Ago/18 Angra in Caxias do Sul - Brasil
10/Ago/18 Angra in Fortaleza - Brasil
11/Ago/18 Angra in Belém - Brasil
06/Set/18 Angra in Atlanta ProgPower Festival United States
07/Set/18 Angra in Orlando The Haven United States Buy tickets
08/Set/18 Angra in Fort Lauderdale O´Malley´s United States Buy tickets
09/Set/18 Angra in Tampa - United States
11/Set/18 Angra in Baltimore Baltimore Soundstage United States Buy tickets
12/Set/18 Angra in New York City - United States
13/Set/18 Angra in Worcester - United States
14/Set/18 Angra in Philadelphia - United States
15/Set/18 Angra in Quebec Salle Multi de Méduse Canada
16/Set/18 Angra in Montreal - Canada
17/Set/18 Angra in Toronto - Canada
18/Set/18 Angra in Detroit - United States
20/Set/18 Angra in Chicago The Forge United States Buy tickets
21/Set/18 Angra in Milwaukee - United States
22/Set/18 Angra in Minneapolis - United States
25/Set/18 Angra in Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre Canada Buy tickets
26/Set/18 Angra in Seattle - United States
28/Set/18 Angra in Sacramento - United States
29/Set/18 Angra in Anaheim - United States
30/Set/18 Angra in San Diego Brick By Brick United States Buy tickets
01/Out/18 Angra in Los Angeles - United States
02/Out/18 Angra in Phoenix - United States
03/Out/18 Angra in Las Vegas - United States
05/Out/18 Angra in Salt Lake City - United States
06/Out/18 Angra in Denver Globe Hall United States Buy tickets
07/Out/18 Angra in Kansas City - United States
08/Out/18 Angra in Dallas - United States
09/Out/18 Angra in San Antonio - United States
10/Out/18 Angra in Houston - United States
12/Out/18 Angra in Louisville - United States
13/Out/18 Angra in Fort Wayne - United States
14/Out/18 Angra in Cleveland Cleveland Agora United States Buy tickets
05/Nov/18 Angra in Nagoya Diamond Hall Japan
06/Nov/18 Angra in Osaka BigCat Japan
07/Nov/18 Angra in Tokyo O-East Japan
08/Nov/18 Angra in Tokyo O-East Japan
10/Nov/18 Angra in Seoul Rolling Hall Korea (South)
11/Nov/18 Angra in Taipei The Wall Taiwan

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